The Women & Power Leadership Forum: A Different Type of Women's Conference


A Message from the Founder, Monique Svazlian 



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What are Attendees saying?


"It was a day of truth-telling. 

Facing ourselves, our challenges as leaders in the workplace, in the world. It was a day of learning to let the veil fall away, so that our authentic voices could be in the conversation."

"The New Century is calling for women's leadership.

As women professionals, we must lead ourselves and others in our organizations from our true authentic feminine power. That takes cultivation that is best nurtured through community and support of other women."

"I was truly awakened to the concept of authentic feminine leadership.

I didn't realize I was unbalanced until attending this forum.  I was really impressed with the focus on multi-generational attendees.  I am now excited, refreshed and renewed!"

Photos from the Day

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